Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery


Sleeve Gastrectomy technique process

It is a type of bariatric surgery recommended for people with severe obesity who have tried other alternatives and have not worked. It is a stomach reduction technique with which you can lose up to 80% of excess weight.

There are three different methods to reinforce the stapling line:

  • Suture: once the online engraving is done, it is reinforced with a polypropylene suture.
  • Absorbable reinforcement material: line reinforcement with biological material such as collagen.
  • Fibrin glue that is applied on the cut line to cover possible leaks.

At the end of each procedure the doctor makes an endoscopy to ensure the resistance of the stapling line is well suture, after that the patient will be able to eat 4hrs after the procedure is done.

The next day of the procedure the patient is released without any complications.